Immortals Recruitment

Furion a posted Jan 15, 18




We are based off of the Western Agon Seas. Our main holding Seelie, is situated on a secluded island, with several monsters suitable for new players to train and grow their skills in safety, all while having seasoned veterans to aid them.

Our only holding on the mainland is on Vellenyth, on the shores of the mahirim lands, a quick sail from Seelie's harbors. If you can access the Mahirim racial cities, then the Vellenyth Marketplace is easily available for you to trade your goods fast and reliably, or ride through to other towns with a better economy - with minimal risk.

From this position in the world, we are able to control the traffic of the Strait of Seelie, and it's flourishing naval commerce. The sub-continents of Rubyiat and Niffleheim are but a small voyage away, and offer many advantages to veterans and new players alike! Immortals will be active in this region of the game world, stretching from one sea tower to the other. Ever dreamt of playing Darkfall like a viking raider, reaching far into foreign shores and lands with the help of ships? Look no further, our headquarters allow you so with ease.